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Welcome to our Supplies / Suppliers rating system.  Please like or dislike vendors as they’re listed.  Those that are liked more will be more prominently featured.  Those with many dislikes will be lowered or removed from recommended status on our site.

To like or dislike a supplier, please use the like/dislike buttons inside the review, as shown below:
sample-supplier-rating copyIf you’d like to have a site added for review, please use the ‘contact’ form and provide as much detail as possible, including website information, contact information and your personal review.

Sample Supplier – A+

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Here is a sample of how suppliers/resellers will be shown.  If you would like to help us maintain this list, please use the contact form.  You may suggest a supplier, rating change for a new or existing supplier, and the more information you can provide the better (anecdotes, stories, personal feedback, etc.).

Sample Supplier Name:  Johnnys Supply House
Location: 123 Main Street – Somewhere, MA, 01111
Website: JohnnysSuppliesDotCom.Com (not real)
Phone: 555-867-5309 (not real)

Rating: A+ (x number of reviewers)

Supplies Available:  BreakMate Parts, BreakMate Accessories, BreakMate Fittings, Soda Syrup, CO2, etc.

Rating Comments:
March 2016
Matt here, I’ve worked with Johnny’s Supply House going on 15 years, they always have treated me with respect and even offer a loyalty discount for my continued patronage.  When you go in or call, ask for Tim, he owns a few breakmates and loves talking with hobbiests.