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Where can I find the official BreakMate Level II Service Manual?

The official Coca Cola BreakMate Level 2 Service Manual can be found here on, in our interactive Service Manual guide.

Is available on this page, BreakMate Service Manual


BreakMate FAQ: How to Fill Syrup Containers / How to Reuse Syrup Containers?

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New to the Coke BreakMate machine?  Wondering how Coca Cola BreakMate fans refill the soda machine?

In the past, Coca Cola used to sell specific BreakMate syrup containers that were non-refillable.  Nowadays, Coke no longer manufacturers these special syrup bottles, so you need to reuse your own bottles.

In this video, we show you how to refill your Coke BreakMate Syrup with Bag-In-Box (BIB) syrups.


BreakMate FAQ: Are parts dishwasher safe?

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It seems like a no-brainer, right? BreakMate parts need to be cleaned and you have a dishwasher – so why not dish wash your parts in order to sterilize them??
The common consensus is to never wash any BreakMate parts in a dishwasher. The main reason(s) for this are age and rarity.

  • Age
    • BreakMate parts are getting quite old.  At this point, some could be upwards or close to 20 years old. The plastic pieces have undoubtedly become brittle over time and even if they haven’t, running a 15+ or 20+ year old part through a high-pressure, high-temperature through a dishwasher is just a bad idea.
  • Rarity
    • Many BreakMate parts are becoming much harder to find.  So, if you were to break a part – even with standard use – getting replacement parts is becoming more difficult with each passing day.  Why would you risk a higher chance of breakage using a dishwasher to clean your parts?

The recommended way to clean your BreakMate parts is with a Vinegar solution, or a diluted bleach solution.  Then you should use a toothbrush or similar tool while handwashing in this solutions to clean/disinfect your parts.  If you want to clean out the internal lines, you’ll need to run this solution into and then out of the BreakMate.  Usually 1-2 passes (fill up the carbonator completely and then empty completely) with this solution and then 2-3 “clean water” passes (again, fill up completely, drain completely) is good enough to clean the internal lines and compartments.


BreakMate FAQ: How long do Syrups last?

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According to most, all regular Bag-In-Box Syrups generally have a “best buy” date. However, that date is really more of a suggestion.  After the “best buy” date has passed, it is more than likely that the taste may begin to suffer, especially as the best buy date gets older.  That being said, the syrups are still more than likely good to use.

The exception to this rule is diet syrups.  Those generally have a shorter shelf-life due to using other sweeteners and chemical preservatives.

Search “Syrup Expiration Dates” or “Bag In Box Syrup Best Buy Date” to see other sites mentioning/answering this question:


BreakMate FAQ: First Time Startup – Water Into BreakMate

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A very important step during initial startup of a BreakMate is getting the water into the system.  Once you have the system hooked up to your water source, you want to make sure that the carbonator is empty and not pressurized with CO2.  To empty the carbonator of CO2, remove your CO2 tank (or connector, if using an external CO2 source) :

  • press and hold the red release button, located to the left of the CO2 cartridge lock (see image).
    • Continue to hold the button until there is no more “Air” coming out of the unit.
  • After that’s done, turn your machine on and let it fill with water.
  • After the water has fully filled the unit and the pump turns off, then you may re-attach your CO2 tank/adapter.

If you try to fill your BreakMate with water for the first time and water does not flow, generally it is because the system still has CO2 in the carbonator.

If you’ve emptied the carbonator and there is zero pressure if water still does not flow, you may have a bad pump or inlet valve.

Failure to empty the pressure in the system before filling at least may cause the system not to fill.  If you’re using an external pump and/or if your lines are not correct, you could potentially blow the line out or damage the external pump.



BreakMate FAQ: How Do I Adjust the Taste / Mixture of Soda Syrup to Soda Water

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The BreakMate dosers output a specific “shot” of Syrup for each size cup that is selected.  For example, a 10oz glass of soda from a Coke BreakMate machine will operate the Doser 3 times throughout the soda-water dispensing time.

Ultimately, there is no way to adjust the amount of Syrup that is dispensed per cup size, however, you can adjust the amount of soda-water that is dispensed in order to achieve a 5:1 (5 to 1) soda-water to syrup mixture, which is recommended by almost all major-label syrup manufacturers.

If you need to adjust the water level, turn the adjustment screw a very little bit at a time until your water level is accurate.

How do you tell if your water level is accurate?

Remove the mixing channel and remove your syrups and dosers.  With a graduated cylinder or some other ‘catch cup’ underneath the output valve, select a soda to dispense.  You’ll need to measure the amount of liquid that has been obtained.

Now for the slightly-more-tricky measuring technique.  For this step.  Add in the left-most Syrup container and doser, but keep the mixing channel out.  With one cup under the output valve and another cup or graduated cylinder under the far-left syrup doser, select the 3rd button down.  You should get the same amount of water into your cup under the output valve, and you should receive a separate cup of syrup.

Measure your syrup by itself.   If the difference between syrup and soda-water is not 5:1, adjust the output valve screw (again, very slowly) until you’ve reached the correct mixture.  Of course, this does not have to be completely precise and you can also adjust the water level to your preference as well.


BreakMate FAQ: User How-To: How Do I Get A Soda? (How do I operate the machine)

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Assuming that you have successfully set up your BreakMate machine (see our article on how to do that, too), to get a soda:

  1. Place an appropriately-sized cup above the “cup indicator” on the left side of the machine (see image below):
  2. If applicable, select your drink/cup size
  3. If applicable, insert money into the coin mechanism
  4. Press the button for the corresponding soda you would like
    • You will hear the machine make some noise – sometimes loudly (by today’s standards).
    • Wait until the machine has FULLY stopped dispensing soda and then wait another 5-10 seconds.  The mixing channel takes a few moments to fully clear and stop dripping once your soda has been dispensed.
  5. After a few moments and the excess drips have stopped, you may remove your beverage and enjoy.

Step 1 Image:









All Steps: How-To Video:

*I should note that the video below shows a 6-button (rare) BreakMate machine.  I’ll shoot a new video with a 3-button (standard) machine shortly.


What are (were) the BreakMate selling features?

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According to marketing materials and the L2 Manual, the BreakMate had a number of features for it’s time with the system being called “compact and lightweight” (remember, this was 1980s-1990s).  Other features included:

  • a Plug-In Syrup System (although, now discontinued, you must refill your own syrup bottles/cartridges)
  • a Plug-In CO2 Cylinder/Tank (again, now most CO2 suppliers no longer have the refill adapter – most people will convert their systems to use regular CO2 tanks (see our how-to, coming soon)
  • a minature high pressure water pump
  • a stainless steel carbonator with removable top
  • pre-set syrup valves (no adjustments necessary)
  • electronic controls with built-in diagnostics system
  • plumbed, filtered water supply for consistent high-quality drink
  • optional coin-mechanism for vending – that can also be set to vend for free
  • optional advanced coin-mechanism allowing for pricing to be altered from 5 cents to $1.55
  • optional 6.5 or 10oz drink size / cup size (standard is 3.5oz and 6.5oz)
  • an internal leak sensor and automatic water shut-off
  • optional “WaterMate” attachment – so you don’t need to connect the system directly to a water line



What is a BreakMate Machine?

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A Coke BreakMate machine, or Coca-Cola Breakmate, also known as a Pomino, MiniPom, or Siemens GA Soda-Fountain, is a “compact, easy-to-use, and highly reliable carbonated soft drink dispensing system, developed and produced by Siemens exclusively for the products of The Coca-Cola Company”. (BreakMate L2 Manual)

Although a few different model numbers exist, the two most-popular in the US are the Siemens GA 3000 and GA 3450.

A standard BreakMate machine with no attachments looks like this:



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