Where do you get your syrup from?


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    Not sure if this is the appropriate place for this, but I was curious where everyone gets their syrup from?  I know if you go to Sams Club they will sell you 5 gallon bags of anything they have on tap there and you just need to ask.  They usually have coke/sprite/diet coke out near their food court area, but if you ask to see everything they have then they will actually sell you the soda syrup they have for their personal stock.  It usually runs about 80$ for 5 gallon boxes.  One of my issues is that for some stupid reason they don’t have Fanta Orange, just some random fanta flavors.  My next attempt to maybe find syrup a bit cheaper is to make friends with someone who owns a restaurant or store who buys the syrup in bulk and then have them tack some orders on for me.


    Anyway, just wanted to see where everyone else went and where you found good prices.  So far Sams Club seems the cheapest, particularly since you don’t need to buy to ship these 40lb boxes.


    Matthew Hilton

    I usually order mine from SyrupSupply.com.  I get no $ by endorsing them, but we have teamed up to offer BreakMateSource.com users a discount on their orders.  See the link at the bottom of every page.  Very fast shipping, responsive support, I’ve had great success with them.

    I’ve purchased some through Amazon and its okay.  Pricing isn’t amazing, but not bad.  Those are pretty much it for me.



    I just checked them out and the shipping estimate for it was like 120 for 155 of soda syrup.  Pretty brutal.  Do you know where they are physically located and if they offer free pickup?



    I get mine via ‘Bart’  Minipom supplier located in The Netherlands;

    http://minipomsiropen.nl/ – phone: +31622542644

    He suppliers the Grapos syrups per liter in the original minipom compatible packages, very convenient and tastes well!

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