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    I have the contest breakmate I’ve been using on my countertop for the last 4 weeks or so and it was working really well until about a week ago when the drink sizing light started flashing and didn’t allow changing.  It also had noise constantly coming from it like the compressor was constantly running when usually that only occurs when pouring a drink or initial powering up.  I tried googling it and got to some post on the yahoo group that said it could be the moisture sensor.  I unplugged what I thought was the moisture sensor and it still had the same issue.  Oh I’m also using a water pump from a 5 gallon jug, not hooked diretly into a water line if that makes any difference.  I also still have CO2 in the tank, although it is a little low.

    Any help appreciated, thanks.


    Here’s a picture of the device which I removed the cable from.  I assumed this was the moisture detector but I could be wrong.

    Two videos of the issue in action


    Matthew Hilton

    According to the L2 service manual, these may be some causes of your trouble, as is indicated by the “top” most LED light blinking…


    Potential Problem(s) Potential Remedy / Resolution(s)
    Water supply is shut off Turn on the water supply
    Water supply pressure is too low Be sure any shut-off valves are turned fully open.  Check for kinked or undersized water lines.   Lines must support a minimum of 2 quarts per min flow rate.
    Water filter blocked Replace the water filter
    Air in carbonator – pump cannot fill Remove CO2 cylinder/attachment and vent all CO2 from Carbonator
    Water pump failure Replace the water pump

    Have you checked the water supply line?
    Also, if the pump is running continuously and not shutting off, it’s a good indication that the cable/connection to the ECM, the grey plug all the way to the “left” if you’re looking at it, has either been disconnected or damaged.  I’d take a look at the plug, while you’re in there, as they do become quite brittle and can ‘come apart’ easily after all these years.

    If that connection is solid, the pump should only run for 2 1/2 minutes max., so as not to burn out the motor if no water is getting in.

    Is this the same water line you are/were using for the other BreakMate machine you were testing?  If so, it sounds like maybe the water is still turned off at the supply line, maybe?



    Hmm that’s super interesting.  Do you have a copy of the manual I can get?

    I think you are definitely on to something with the water supply.  Right before this issue happened the pump kinked because someone pushed it into the wall.  I took apart the hose and cut it back to remove the kink and reinserted it.  Before that the pump would not turn off.  After I fixed the kink the pump turned off but the breakmate developed the aforementioned issue.


    Where is the water filter in the unit?  I will check that out too.  Is the grey plug you are talking about the one in the picture I took?  With the single spade connector going to it?  It doesn’t seem brittle, and yes it is the same water pump I used for the old breakmate (still in for Freon replacement -_-)

    Oh and thanks for the quick reply Matt.  Appreciate it.  I will try to get the pump to shoot out some water in the meantime.



    For the sake of the future people who may be googling something similar I found out the solution for my particular issue.


    I use a water pump to fill my machine from a 5 gallon jug.  I managed to fix it the first time but didn’t know how, and today it occurred again and I figured out the solution.  So what happens is the pressure in the system gets thrown off because the pump gets low and starts pumping air into the system so what I needed to do was the following.


    1.  Turn the Co2 off.  I use a 20lb tank, but some of you might use the actual can.  Remove it temporarily, or turn off the Co2 at the tank.

    2.  hold down a button on your machine until all the water and Co2 comes out.  At this point your water pump should be on, but it will not be filling the system because its getting pressure back to it from air preventing it from actually pumping.  The machine should basically get to a point of dry heaving, then eventually it should actually start pumping water again.

    3.  After the machine starts putting out water again, give it a minute to fill the reservoir with water then turn your Co2 back on.  Restart the breakmate if the error light is still on and it should be gone.


    This issue should really only occur in the way I described if you use a pump.  It can be avoided by using a water line from your house with constant pressure, or not letting your water tank get below 20% capacity by turning the pump off and refilling the jug when the water level is low.


    Matthew Hilton

    Thanks for the writeup!   Great description and resolution information.  This condition is known as “Air Locked” (or CO2 locked technically) – where there is too much CO2 (or more accurately – CO2 pressure) in the Cabonator tank, and therefore it will not accept the lower-pressured incoming water.  The manual information I posted, hopefully helped, as that was one of the possible errors listed. 🙂   Glad it’s all sorted out now.

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