Reply To: Breakmate had blinking drink size light



For the sake of the future people who may be googling something similar I found out the solution for my particular issue.


I use a water pump to fill my machine from a 5 gallon jug.  I managed to fix it the first time but didn’t know how, and today it occurred again and I figured out the solution.  So what happens is the pressure in the system gets thrown off because the pump gets low and starts pumping air into the system so what I needed to do was the following.


1.  Turn the Co2 off.  I use a 20lb tank, but some of you might use the actual can.  Remove it temporarily, or turn off the Co2 at the tank.

2.  hold down a button on your machine until all the water and Co2 comes out.  At this point your water pump should be on, but it will not be filling the system because its getting pressure back to it from air preventing it from actually pumping.  The machine should basically get to a point of dry heaving, then eventually it should actually start pumping water again.

3.  After the machine starts putting out water again, give it a minute to fill the reservoir with water then turn your Co2 back on.  Restart the breakmate if the error light is still on and it should be gone.


This issue should really only occur in the way I described if you use a pump.  It can be avoided by using a water line from your house with constant pressure, or not letting your water tank get below 20% capacity by turning the pump off and refilling the jug when the water level is low.