Reply To: Breakmate had blinking drink size light



Hmm that’s super interesting.  Do you have a copy of the manual I can get?

I think you are definitely on to something with the water supply.  Right before this issue happened the pump kinked because someone pushed it into the wall.  I took apart the hose and cut it back to remove the kink and reinserted it.  Before that the pump would not turn off.  After I fixed the kink the pump turned off but the breakmate developed the aforementioned issue.


Where is the water filter in the unit?  I will check that out too.  Is the grey plug you are talking about the one in the picture I took?  With the single spade connector going to it?  It doesn’t seem brittle, and yes it is the same water pump I used for the old breakmate (still in for Freon replacement -_-)

Oh and thanks for the quick reply Matt.  Appreciate it.  I will try to get the pump to shoot out some water in the meantime.