Reply To: Breakmate had blinking drink size light


Matthew Hilton

According to the L2 service manual, these may be some causes of your trouble, as is indicated by the “top” most LED light blinking…


Potential Problem(s) Potential Remedy / Resolution(s)
Water supply is shut off Turn on the water supply
Water supply pressure is too low Be sure any shut-off valves are turned fully open.  Check for kinked or undersized water lines.   Lines must support a minimum of 2 quarts per min flow rate.
Water filter blocked Replace the water filter
Air in carbonator – pump cannot fill Remove CO2 cylinder/attachment and vent all CO2 from Carbonator
Water pump failure Replace the water pump

Have you checked the water supply line?
Also, if the pump is running continuously and not shutting off, it’s a good indication that the cable/connection to the ECM, the grey plug all the way to the “left” if you’re looking at it, has either been disconnected or damaged.  I’d take a look at the plug, while you’re in there, as they do become quite brittle and can ‘come apart’ easily after all these years.

If that connection is solid, the pump should only run for 2 1/2 minutes max., so as not to burn out the motor if no water is getting in.

Is this the same water line you are/were using for the other BreakMate machine you were testing?  If so, it sounds like maybe the water is still turned off at the supply line, maybe?