BreakMate FAQ: User How-To: How Do I Get A Soda? (How do I operate the machine)

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Assuming that you have successfully set up your BreakMate machine (see our article on how to do that, too), to get a soda:

  1. Place an appropriately-sized cup above the “cup indicator” on the left side of the machine (see image below):
  2. If applicable, select your drink/cup size
  3. If applicable, insert money into the coin mechanism
  4. Press the button for the corresponding soda you would like
    • You will hear the machine make some noise – sometimes loudly (by today’s standards).
    • Wait until the machine has FULLY stopped dispensing soda and then wait another 5-10 seconds.  The mixing channel takes a few moments to fully clear and stop dripping once your soda has been dispensed.
  5. After a few moments and the excess drips have stopped, you may remove your beverage and enjoy.

Step 1 Image:









All Steps: How-To Video:

*I should note that the video below shows a 6-button (rare) BreakMate machine.  I’ll shoot a new video with a 3-button (standard) machine shortly.