BreakMate FAQ: How Do I Adjust the Taste / Mixture of Soda Syrup to Soda Water

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The BreakMate dosers output a specific “shot” of Syrup for each size cup that is selected.  For example, a 10oz glass of soda from a Coke BreakMate machine will operate the Doser 3 times throughout the soda-water dispensing time.

Ultimately, there is no way to adjust the amount of Syrup that is dispensed per cup size, however, you can adjust the amount of soda-water that is dispensed in order to achieve a 5:1 (5 to 1) soda-water to syrup mixture, which is recommended by almost all major-label syrup manufacturers.

If you need to adjust the water level, turn the adjustment screw a very little bit at a time until your water level is accurate.

How do you tell if your water level is accurate?

Remove the mixing channel and remove your syrups and dosers.  With a graduated cylinder or some other ‘catch cup’ underneath the output valve, select a soda to dispense.  You’ll need to measure the amount of liquid that has been obtained.

Now for the slightly-more-tricky measuring technique.  For this step.  Add in the left-most Syrup container and doser, but keep the mixing channel out.  With one cup under the output valve and another cup or graduated cylinder under the far-left syrup doser, select the 3rd button down.  You should get the same amount of water into your cup under the output valve, and you should receive a separate cup of syrup.

Measure your syrup by itself.   If the difference between syrup and soda-water is not 5:1, adjust the output valve screw (again, very slowly) until you’ve reached the correct mixture.  Of course, this does not have to be completely precise and you can also adjust the water level to your preference as well.