Needs Your Help!

Hello fine friends of,

We are planning a major redesign of the site from the top down.  Every single aspect of the site will be redesigned for a more concise, clearer, and more user-friendly approach.  We also want to highlight any new areas of information you might like to see and remove any sections that the community feels are no longer relevant.

We know that content to the site has been a bit stale for a while and are personally making a commitment to post new content more often.  Community member action (i.e., forum posts, ads, etc.) has also been relatively slow, so we want to change that and we’re asking for your support.

How can you help?

As we go through the process of mapping out our redesign plans, we’d like to hear from our community members, to let your voices be heard, and to make the absolute best site it can be.  So, how can you help?  Provide us your unbridled and unabashed feedback.  What do you like about the site?  What do you wish would change?  What features would you like highlighted?   Here are a few questions you can help us answer:

  • What type of content would you like to see more often?
    • Videos?
    • Instructional Posts?
    • Beginners Guide(s)?
    • Etc… you name it!
  • Are there any sections of the site that you feel are useless or underutilized?  For example:
    • Is the For Sale / Want Ad section useful to have?
    • Is the FAQ section useful to have?
  • Are there sections/features you’d like to see that are missing?
  • Are there specific topics that you feel would benefit the community?  For example:
    • How to first setup your machine
    • How to convert from a BreakMate CO2 tank to a standard CO2 tank
    • How to perform system diagnostics.

These are just a few suggestions, but we’d like to hear them all.  Ideally, we’d like the site to become a place where masters and those who are extremely familiar with the BreakMate can be just at home (and helpful) as those who are new and just learning.

What’s next?

We would be sincerely happy to receive any and all feedback (positive or negative, it’s all in the name of making this site the best it can be, after all!).  If all of our members submit at least one or two suggestions on what they like / don’t like, as well as topics they’d like to see, we will have enough to produce content for quite some time.  So, feel free to use our contact form to contribute and if possible, we may even have a surprise gift to mail to our members who contribute.  Other ways you can help are to share a link to the site on your social media sites, in person to any others who may be interested in these amazing pieces of technology, or even those who may want to just collect a BreakMate system for their Coca Cola collection.

If you have two minutes (or less) to spare, please use the contact us form and let us know how we can help you!  Let’s build this community and make it stronger than ever.  This post will go up on the site as well and we’ll open up comments/etc to it, so if there are members of other sites (such as the Yahoo Group) would like to contribute, they can do so as well.

The Biggest Announcement yet

We have been hard at work in the background for the last few years, answering questions and fielding some of the same requests over and over again.  And we’re hoping in July or August 2018, we’ll have another HUGE announcement to share with the entire BreakMate community (although, it may be sooner, or later).  While we’re not ready to publicly even hint at what the announcement may be, let’s just say that the legacy and use of BreakMate systems will continue long into the future!

Thank you

Thank you for joining our humble little site and thank you for not just visiting but becoming a member.  We value each and every click and each and every sign up.  And we would like to especially thank you in advance, for helping us redesign this site for the future.

With our warmest regards,

-The team at