Welcome to BreakMateSource.com – the leading site for all things BreakMate.

The Coca-Cola BreakMate, also known as the Minipom or Pomino, depending on your location, is a self-service soda vending machine, produced by Coca Cola that allows for single-cup soda to be dispensed from one of three flavor selections.

This website is designed to be a community forum for all things BreakMate/Minipom/Pomino.

As the website administrator, I will be posting the majority of content, on topics such as : How-To Videos, Informational Videos, News and will also cull the internet for sources of products, replacement parts, and other partners for supplies.

This site will also feature a classifieds section, dedicated to the sale, trade and ‘wanted’ machines, parts, accessories and supplies.

There is also a dedicated “Forums” section for asking any Breakmate-specific questions. ¬†Forum items that are frequent or of high value will be turned into FAQs on this site for easy lookups.

Lastly, there is a gallery of BreakMate images as well as a downloads section to download manuals, how-to guides, etc.

If there is anything missing from this site that you wish to see, please use the Contact Form to request it.